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We are committed to providing the best service for both employers and employees. We take great care at every stage, from recruitment to deployment, to ensure a win-win situation for all stakeholders.


Construction is a booming industry worldwide. Now, more than ever, construction companies need to hire skilled and unskilled labor. With this in mind, we are recruiting for many construction companies in several countries, including Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, and more.


Manufacturing is vital to the economy, with most products made by machines and humans. Amid a global labor shortage, we supply workers to various industries, including electronics, cosmetics, toy factories, packaging, and furniture. We strive to provide the best workers for employers.

Service Industries

The service industry is the largest sector of the global economy, especially important in advanced economies. With this in mind, we recruit manpower for service sectors in various developing and developed countries. We hire workers for supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, petrol pumps, hospitals, cleaning companies, and more.


Plantation companies regularly seek foreign workers for their projects. As demand for plantation workers rises globally, we see this as a great opportunity. YAZ Overseas is always ready to deliver hardworking, capable workers on time for this sector.


Agricultural development has surged, particularly in developing countries, creating new demands for labor. As these countries require more workers, we have begun recruiting manpower for the agriculture sector to meet these growing needs.


The engineering sector encompasses diverse industries including metal products, industrial machinery, electronics, transportation equipment, and instruments. YAZ Overseas guarantees high-quality engineering workers across all required specialties. We are dedicated to fulfilling our employers’ needs with tailored manpower solutions.

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